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Dental prosthetics Warsaw

It is part of restorative dentistry, which consists of supplementing missing teeth or restoring the damaged part of the tooth. Regardless of the cause of tooth damage (caries, trauma, congenital absence of a tooth), restoring the continuity of the dental arch is extremely important for the aesthetics of the smile and the function of the masticatory organ.

Due to the fact that prosthetic restorations are performed in a prosthetic laboratory, giving a patient a ready reconstruction requires several visits to the dental office. Between visits, the patient is provided with temporary restorations, which allows discretion and guarantees patient comfort.

Modern prosthetics gives great possibilities in the scope of reconstruction of missing or damaged teeth. Depending on the clinical situation, the following reconstruction methods can be used:

  1. Permanent restorations – cemented by a doctor, removed only in the dental office
  • inputs (onlay, overlay) – made of composite material or porcelain – rebuild the missing part of the tooth crown with moderate damage
  • veneers – porcelain or composite material – an extremely aesthetic complement to teeth with an incorrect shape or discolored teeth
  • crowns – porcelain on metal, porcelain based on gold or zirconium, all-ceramic – rebuild the missing part of the tooth crown with significant damage
  • crown-root inlays – made on teeth after endodontic treatment, precede the crown
  • bridges – porcelain on metal, porcelain on gold or rhinestones, full ceramic, adhesive – complement the missing tooth or teeth, leaning on adjacent teeth present in the mouth

2. Removable restorations – removable / inserted by the patient at home

  • skeletal dentures – on a metal skeleton – complement partial, extensive tooth deficiencies
  • full acrylic dentures – used for total toothlessness

The choice of the final solution depends on the individual case of the patient and is preceded by a thorough examination. The prosthetic doctor sets a detailed treatment plan after consulting the doctors of other specialties (dental surgeon, orthodontist, periodontologist and endodontist), which allows the patient to be presented with the most optimal method of treatment.

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